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Crawford was very polite and courteous. He found the problem in a very short time, resolved it, tested his work and was on his way within 40 minutes. i would highly recommend Blue Flame and especially Crawford for your electrical needs!!

Rock Electricians is a family owned and operated company. We are Seattle electricians, licensed, insured, bonded for your best interests and safety. We specialize in Outdoor Living Spaces, Hot Tub/Generator Hook-ups, Panel Replacements and are not limited to entire house remodels.

About Britescape

Britescape has 3 divisions - Landscape Lighting, Gardening, Holiday Lighting Landscape Lighting - Our expert teams will work with you in all aspects of design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance. Gardening - Horticulturist and certified gardeners tending to your landscape with extensive knowledge and an eye towards organic practices. No lawn service. Holiday Lighting - Commercial and residential install. Exclusive LED products and elegant designs. Call us for a free, no obligation consultation.

About Fuller Electric, Inc

Fuller Electric is a full-service, family owned and operated, electrical experts proudly doing business in the Puget Sound since 1990. Our expertise ranges from the smallest house call to the largest commercial build out. Don't let our array of services fool you. We do all the cool stuff... from designing beautiful Home Lighting to rugged Generator installations and bringing the future right to your living room with amazing Home Automation. Let use serve you on the less glamorous jobs like Panel and Service upgrades, Hot tub/Spa/Sauna connections and troubleshooting that pesky circuit that keeps tripping. Our experience get's our technician in quickly and done even faster so you are up and running with minimal interruption. Call us now to schedule your next project today!

About Steve's Home Services LLC

SHS is your 'go to' source when it comes to your home. We can help from curb appeal to an addition, Detached garage or shop. We do absolutely everything. Remodel is our specialty, and we are skilled in all trade work. We use our own employees, and we guarantee our work and our prices, ultimately providing the best value in your choice of Contractors. We can facilitate an Architect/ Engineer for you and also take you through the permitting process if thats applicable to your project. We can be your consultant in guiding you through the permitting process as well to save you money. We also draw plans, in house, for a more cost effective way to supply drawings for your project and submit to the planning dept for permitting. Call us today to experience a very pleasant Contracting company the way it should be. 

At AC Electric Service we strive to put the customer first with competitive bids and years of experience . We are trained professionals that work by the books and don't cut corners. We enjoy what we do and hopefully that shows in our finished products. AC Electric Service has been serving the greater Seattle-Tacoma area for the last 42 years. We would love to put those skills to work with you.

I've bought & sold over 250 homes . Troy at pacific home electric is my go to electrician everytime . Excellent in knowledge, customer service & very competitive. I would highly recommend pacific home electric .

We specialize in interior or exterior home renovations, kitchen remodeling, bathrooms, additions and new home builds. We give free estimates and respond with full bids within 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions about electricians

What is an electrician & what does an electrician do?

We may not notice it but we use electricity every time we fire up a laptop, turn on a light switch, or use an appliance. And when our electrical systems aren’t working properly, we need electricians to install and maintain all of the electrical systems that keep homes and business humming along smoothly. They wire homes and maintain the wiring systems in buildings and homes. Both commercial and residential electricians need to be certified at the state level.

Electricians use various tools for installation like conduit benders, screwdrivers, drills, and saws. They have access to various items that might need to be replaced such as circuit breakers, fuses, outlets, switches, electrical components, lighting, and wiring. Periodic inspections may need to be done by an electrical professional to make sure your interior and exterior electrical systems are running smoothly. An electrician can replace a circuit breaker, install lighting or a ceiling fan. Most importantly, a certified electrician will be familiar with the safety requirements for any particular wiring or electrical job.

How to find a local electrician?

There are lots of reasons to hire a certified electrician for your home improvement project. If you need to add an outlet, install or update a circuit breaker, add outdoor lighting, or other electrical project, you’ll need to find an electrician. In order to find the best pro for your project you’ll need to understand the scope of your project because electricians have varying levels of certification. You’ll want to take the time to research average costs for a project such as yours, and check out reviews before you talk to several electricians in order to get the best one for you task.

When you contact a pro be sure to ask if they’re certified in your area, whether they’re usually able to complete projects in on time, and who will actually be doing the work. You can go online and search for an electrician on your own. The easiest and most effective way to find a qualified electrician is to use a service that connects homeowners with vetted contractors for free, such as Porch. You just need to give us your ZIP code, describe the electrical installation or repair project, provide contact details, and we’ll match you with a qualified pro in your area who can tackle your next electrical project.

Electrician hourly rate: how much does an electrician cost?

An electrician’s hourly rate will vary depending upon a variety of factors: where you’re located and the type of pro you hire makes a difference in the cost, along with what kind of project you need help with. Areas with higher costs of living will have more expensive rates for electricians, and there are also various levels of licensing that will affect the price, too.

Rates are often higher for the first hour because it covers travel time.After - hours or emergency calls will run at a higher rate, too.If you need an electrician, —whether you have an electrical emergency on your hands or want to add lighting or a new outlet to your home—the cost of hiring a pro who’s trained and licensed is well worth the expense.Electrical projects can come with various safety hazards, as well as rules and regulations, all of which a pro can easily handle.

How to wire a switched outlet?

Most of the outlets in our homes have two or four plugs. A switched outlet is one in which half of the plugs are always switched on, that means it’s always ready to turn on and provide power—while the other half can be turned off and on via a wall switch. Wiring a switch outlet is similar to wiring a lighting device. Before doing anything, go online and consult a DIY diagram with step by step instructions. Better yet, it’s usually wise to hire a licensed electrician who can safely and efficiently tackle the job for you.

An electrician will suggest that you replace the outlet if it is more than a few years old. They’ll suggest that you make sure the new outlet is not the GFI type, and that it matches the number of amps to that provided by your circuit breaker. A pro will know the ins and outs of the codes, regulations, and standards surrounding electricity in your home. A contractor can decode the meaning of the various different colors of wires. If you want a hand with wiring a switched outlet, we make it easy to connect with experienced pros in your area.

How much does it cost to install an electrical outlet?

Many homeowners have electrical outlets installed at some point. Whether you want extra lighting in your home office, or want to add a new appliance, it makes sense to hire a licensed, professional electrician for the project. The cost of installation will vary depending on many factors. Electricians charge different rates in different locales. They vary their prices according to their level of licensing, and the fee can vary according to the complexity of the installation. The following factors will influence the cost: existing wiring, location of the outlet, the outlet’s purpose and type, electrical boxes and materials. The best thing to do is find a top electrical pro in your area and have them come offer an estimate for getting the job done. You may want to get three estimates for comparison. If you would like a hand with an outlet installation, we make it easy to connect with qualified pros in your area.

Can you do electrical work without a license?

Whether or not you can do electrical work without a license depends on where you live. Most states require licensing, permits, and inspections for electrical work. This is for the safety and welfare of us all. Minor repairs—such as replacing a light fixture or broken switch—can be accomplished without a license. Anything more complex usually requires a license. If you want to add circuits, work on a panel, or upgrade service, you would need a license to handle those jobs. Without a license, you would not be able to get the liability insurance required for contractors, nor would you be able to get a permit. In order to get a license, an electrician must have completed three steps: journeyman, apprenticeship, and then they must have become a master. Working with an unlicensed contractor can lead to safety hazards, costly repairs later on, and a host of other headaches. We make it a snap to connect with experienced pros in your area for your next electrical project.


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