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licensed electrician near me

 Fully Licensed Electrician in New York City

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Our licensed electricians will work continuously to provide the best electrical service at the best rates. We have the ability to
take on small to large projects in the residential, commercial and industrial space in New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island

Our master electrician has been working in the electrical field for over two decades. He also passes on his knowledge as an instructor to local electrical apprentices in the NYC area.
Quality Workmanship

We always give 100% to every project whether large or small. You can expect all work to be completed to code with all permits and safety requirements covered.

Our licensed electricians work every day of the week and after normal business hours in order to get the job done at the most convenient times for our clients.

We are reliable, professional and there are never any hidden costs. The client always approves the price before work begins
Competitive Pricing

YT Electrical Services strives to provide the best prices. Just ask for a free estimate and you’ll see.

Responsive Service

If you fill out our form online we promise to respond in less than 24 hours. For faster service please call 917-215-8178 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible
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Fully Licensed Electrical Contractor Company in NYC

YT Electrical Services is a family-owned and operated electrical contracting company specializing in maintenance, new construction and renovations in the residential, commercial and industrial space. Our company is fully licensed and insured and currently serves the five boroughs of New York City.

    Electrical panel upgrades
    Switcher and breaker repair
    Indoor/outdoor lighting
    Conduit bending
    New construction

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Residential Electrical Services in New York City    
Residential and Commercial Electrical services in NYC

DIY or do-it-yourself techniques often seem hassle-free and cheap initially, so several commercial or residential property owners try to fix all kinds of electrical issues on their own- from minor to major issues. Especially with the rise in digital trends, people find it tempting to learn about the issues online and try to fix them on their own.

A lack of technical knowledge or know-how to use electrical devices with caution can lead to more dangerous issues. It can become a source of major damage and fire. Here, the role of licensed electricians in NYC comes into the picture. These electricians will take care of your family’s safety and home’s comfort.

24X7 Emergency Electricians near Me in NYC

Research more about electricians near me, to acquire emergency services. When you decide to fix an electrical issue without any relevant expertise and experience, it can lead to several dangers. A lack of crucial knowledge related to electrical installations is known to pave the way for fatal issues. Reach out to electrical contractors to get top-notch and affordable services.

Besides, a residential electrician’s services can ensure short-term and long-term safety. Normal household owners unable to undertake a task correctly may end up exposing themselves to fires and electrical shocks. It’s highly recommendable for you to seek electrical repairs service right away. A minor electrical issue can lead to major death and severe injuries.
Why Choose Our Licensed Electrician for your services in New York City?

You’ll always have the opportunity to research electrical companies near me to find out a residential electrician who is abreast with the safety codes and regulations. As mentioned above, electrical issues are severe. A licensed commercial or residential electrician will adhere to all safety rules and procedures. Rest assured, your health and home are in safe hands- reach out to an emergency electrician today.
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Fixing Code Violations
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Fixing Code Violations

Exposed extension cords were replaced with conduit in order to fix a code violation.

he electrical lines and wiring at your home or place of work play a very integral role in the safety of your family, friends, and colleagues. If the wires and circuits are not installed properly, the risks of an accident become greater. A simple fault could lead to a short circuit or a major fire breakout. To avoid such mishaps and ensure that your loved ones are safe, it is highly recommended that you search for an ‘emergency electrician near me before you start on anything else. Many people often ask about the need for an electrician in New York because they feel that the job is easy. However, you require a certain level of expertise to get the work done without any hazards. A small miscalculation could cause irreparable damage to the property as well as the people in it.

If you are located in New York City, NY, you will find a number of different electrical contractor services in NYC that offer similar services. The general tendency is to hire an electrician in New York City who proposes the least amount or the lowest bid. While that stays within your budget, there are several criteria your electrician needs to fulfill. A low price could even mean a reduced level of service, which ultimately causes more issues than you can imagine. Since your property is a permanent asset and probably one of the most important ones, experts suggest you conduct detailed research on a licensed electrician near me before you start the construction work. So what are these features that the hired electrical contractor services in NYC must have? Read on to find out.

    Certification: Anybody could claim to be a successful electrician. But word of mouth isn’t enough. Most of the prominent electricians in New York City have certified proof of their knowledge. The United States Association of Electrical Contractors, or USAEC for short, must acknowledge and approve the agency you chose. The USAEC assesses every individual who wants to be accredited by the organization. The said assessment tests the applicant’s expertise and diligence, technical skill and knowledge, and sets the bar pretty high. Therefore, before you make a decision, you must check for the contractor’s license and certificates because this proves that their services are authentic.

    Safety Measures: It goes without saying that electrical work can get dangerous. There are certain levels of risk associated with all sorts of electricity-based installations, be it during or after the installation is over. When you search for ‘emergency electricians near me’, the internet comes up with an en number of names and companies. The difference is in their safety measures. Some specific regulations and standards are a must for any electrician in New York City. The best electrical service providers are aware of these safety protocols and guarantee that all required arrangements are met. If you end up working with a nonprofessional company, it increases the risks and can cause severe damage to your property. So before sign on the contract, do not forget to look for the safety and security aspects of the chosen electrical service contractor in NYC.

    Customer Service: No matter how knowledgeable and experienced your contractor is, if they cannot provide you with the proper services, it will be a waste of money, energy, and resources. Many times, it is seen that though the employees are great at their job, they fail to communicate appropriately with the clients, resulting in miscommunication. At the end of the day, the commercial and residential electrical contractor services in NYC need to work with their clients and be in sync with their ideas as it is the client’s property that they are working on. If there is a communication gap between the two concerned parties, the customer will not be satisfied with the work done, even if the electricians and their helpers did their best.

As you can see, the process can get quite tricky. That’s why you should always ask for client testimonials and referrals before finally signing on the dotted line and choosing a licensed electrician near you. At YT Electrical Services, you have not only the best electricians working diligently but also a galore of different services to choose from. So book an appointment with their experts today.

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